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The Yule Logs - Double Live! The Yule Logs - Double Live!
The Yule Logs - You Ruined Christmas The Yule Logs - You Ruined Christmas
The Yule Logs - Walked With A Reindeer The Yule Logs - Walked With A Reindeer
The Yule Logs - The Yule Logs The Yule Logs - The Yule Logs

Action News Now

There’s nothing more natural for The Yule Logs boys to do than play a house party in the evening only to wake up the next morning before the cock crows. Why? Because the people demand it and we are nothing if not slaves to the vox populi. We are always pleased to be featured on... Read more

You’re either on The Bus…

“You’re either on the bus or off the bus.” The person who said this quote was, at the time, completely off their rocker. Either stuffed to the brim with sugar cookies or reeling from recreational use of Anbesol, this urban shaman was right on the money if he had been predicting The Yule Logs triumphant... Read more

Season 10 Public Shows Announced

Seems like Christmas comes later and later every year…know what I mean? Right!? Yeah? Anyways the Black Friday dust has settled and the Yule Logs have announced their list of public shows. Come wash away the shopping grime, grab a cup of cheer and celebrate the pre-feast 3-week tailgate party that we like to call “Yule... Read more

Christmas Preview: Not This Year

Hi guys, Jake has an eloquent explanation as to why the Yule Logs won’t be appearing at the downtown Chico Christmas Preview posted on our Facebook page, but just to reiterate: no Logs at Preview, but you can catch us at Butte College, Duffy’s, Argus, Magnolia Gift and Garden, Sacramento Ice Rink, Wine and Roses... Read more

Good News Everyone

KRCR recently stopped by during a Yule Logs rehearsal session to ask us about making merry as the hardest working band in snow business. We were happy to oblige them and they certainly rose to our lofty journalistic expectations with this entertaining and informative piece. Kudos all around! Special thanks to Colin for braving the... Read more

Trader Glenda®

Hey kids and bums!® Next time you belly up to The Yule Logs’ merch table, tip your Santa hat to authorized merchandising agent Trader Glenda® who has has kept The Logs’ shop for nearly a decade! She’s a major player in the fast-paced world of holiday band t-shirt sales, and she’s expanded her commercial empire into... Read more

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